100 Blog Days, 100 Days of Blogging

Day 79: Plans, New & Done

#MotivationMondays #Day79of100 Motivation is planning Just merely putting down a plan in place makes it all worthwhile. I think it is not just important, but very crucial, to plan all things, small and big. Planning and motivation go hand in hand. While planning puts down what needs to be done, it can serve both the… Continue reading Day 79: Plans, New & Done

100 Blog Days, 100 Days of Blogging

Day 73: Bharathidasan’s Praises

#TamilTuesdays #Day73of100 Song: Chiththira Cholaigale Poet: Bharathidasan Verse: கீர்த்தி கொள் போகப் பொருட்புவி யே! உன்றன் கீழிருக்கும் கடைக்கால் - எங்கள் சீர்த் தொழிலாளர் உழைத்த உடம்பிற் சிதைந்த நரம்புகள் தோல்! ~~~~~ Lyrics Courtesy: https://eluthu.com/kavignar-kavithai/764.html ~~~~~ Transliteration: Keerthi Kol Bboga Porut Puviye! Unran Keezhirukkum Kadaikkal – Engal Seer Thozhilalar Uzhaiththa Udambil Sidhaindha Narambugal Thol ~~~~~ Patriotism does not have to be… Continue reading Day 73: Bharathidasan’s Praises