Oh, the beautiful beginning filled with hope!

Carpe Diem sed frui illusio

          This is it, my first blog post in WordPress! I am not new to blogging – I have been doing it for more than seven years now. (Yet I am not that old!) Call this my new transition to WordPress from the much more traditional ‘Blogger’. This is going to be where I jot down my thoughts, ramblings, and everything that comes to mind.

The year 2015 has been one of many changes, some of them excellent, and most of them seemingly bad, but as I looked closer, good for me in the long run. It has been the year when my friend base expanded so beautifully, so suddenly and helped me connect with like minded people! One weird suggestion, one small idea and here I am, with a brand new blog, knowing little about what I am going to write, but being sure I will definitely fill it up patiently in the days to come, much like I have been doing in all the other blogs I have been writing in.

When I decided to find out a name for my blog, something that reflected what I expect my blog to be, nothing really came to mind, except that I wanted my blog to have a name that is both catchy and of course, make people look up what it meant. Thus, the name.

The URL, though has a much deeper story – even though we stop doing things we used to do, and move on with some things, there are some memories that can never fade. With the same name, two entirely different meanings can arise. What once stood for something superficial might suddenly become much more meaningful, much more beautiful, like the dust was removed off the coal to reveal the underlying diamond. The name shall be a reminder of who I am and what I meant, and what I shall continue to mean, however significant or otherwise, in this whole, wide world!


Now for the name of this post – carpe diem sed frui illusio – or simply ‘seize the day, but enjoy the illusion’. At least, that is what the Latin to English translator of Google says. The past year has gone by so fast, many events seemed mere illusions, some more vivid than the others, but enjoyable nevertheless. Frui illusio and Carpe Diem – enjoy the illusion, yes. But seize the day. Seize the opportunities that come your way.

Beginning this blog in 2016 was a conscious decision. More than making it memorable, this was intended to be a new effort and starting it in a new year made more sense than starting it at the wee end of a rollercoaster year. Looking back, this has been an eventful year, as I continue to enjoy the illusions, looking forward to more that might come! Bring it on!


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