I’m off making new memories

Overwriting the ones you had given

The old ones have this weird habit

Of coming to the front at times

The most inopportune of times

Flowing in, crashing through

My mind, heart and soul

Leaving destruction in their wake

Maybe you’re to be blamed

For making them so strong

That no matter what I do

They never do go away

Maybe I’m to be blamed

For being so selfish

Trying to hold on to the last remnants

Of what you’ve left me with

Knowing deep down

That there will be no more

As I trudge through them one last time

Picking at the pieces, those I’d like to keep

And those I would rather not

The trash pile is smaller – for

I have always been a hoarder

The only way to let go

I finally realise

Is not to recycle but replace

Every bit, bit by bit

Overwrite and rewrite

Until the songs stop meaning so much

Until the places stop showing your ghost image

Until I stop jumping every time I hear your namesake

Until the pain I feel reduces

Until the realisation strikes in

That you have moved on

And so should I

As I stand on my legs

Like an unsure baby foal

To replace the old ones

I am off making new memories!


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