A for Aşermek


Language: Turkish

Meaning: The experience of craving certain foods while pregnant.

Pregnancy is the time for women when hormones control their body, and the baby inside them performs various pre flight checks before the official take off, making women has weird cravings and desires. Food plays a predominant role in this and it is always a fine dance between eating healthy and eating comfort food.

Craving various foods is a common trait and is an acceptable oddity in pregnant women. Food cravings range from sour mangoes, spicy tomato curries, and sometimes even ash (yes, really). Diet for pregnant women tries to incorporate all the six predominant taste groups and the Indian cuisine has no dearth of stuff that would satisfy any craving, no matter how odd it is. So would other cuisines across the world. After all, food is universal.

The English language does not have a correct word for this, and this word fit beautifully. Just the thing we wanted. The Turkish language gives us a beautiful word in that regard.


Flash Fiction #1

“Congratulations. It is positive. You should take good care of yourself now. Remember, you are no longer a single life. Another little life is growing inside you and you should take good care of it. Remember not to over exert yourself, and take your food on correct intervals. Come for the check up next week, and I will give you a proper diet chart based on your body condition….” The smiling doctor handed over the report with her standard lecture.

Ashmitha just nodded blankly, taking the report in her shaking hands and getting up slowly. She had not heard past the first four words. Her world had slowly begun falling apart.

Slouching out of the clinic, all she could see were posters of babies, cuddled safely in the mother’s or father’s arms, a serene peace she knew her baby would never have. Looking at couples sitting with their heads close together, nodding and discussing seriously, only fuelled her despair and jealousy. She craved a normal life, someone to share this momentous happy news with.

As she entered her dark dank house to the shout of “Where the heck have you been? I have been waiting for the car, you useless lump of crap!” from the man who had created the baby, her heart plummeted deeper.

“… you must bring your husband next time. And oh, it is perfectly normal to crave certain foods during pregnancy. Don’t worry, just eat anything, but in moderation…” The doctor’s voice came back. Ashmitha let out a bitter laugh.

Aşermek was the last thing on her mind.


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