A to Z Challenge

The Words We Never Knew We Needed – A to Z theme reveal

The English language is amazing. It has so many words, so many phrases and so many expressions. It has an extensive grammar. People love the language so much that some even misuse it unintentionally. The average person does not even learn ten percent of the words the language has, and uses less than half of those words in regular conversation. While most of the language’s power and content is left unexplored, there are still moments when it is found wanting. There are moments when we search for words to define something we do or feel, and found nothing quite fitting in the whole of the language.

Picture sourced from https://satzdesigns.wordpress.com

I have always been fascinated by the extensive vocabulary this language has, and that, I think, has led me to finding new words to fill the void I get here, albeit rarely. After all, language is all about learning and communicating!

English has been a growing language, much like any other language that has been sticking around for centuries. Though it has a lot of words on its own it still borrows words from other languages, adapting itself based on the regions. This is the only language that has too many accents based on the geographical region it is being used in. While every English lover’s expectations are satiated by the amazing unexplored depths it has, sometimes, just sometimes, there are words and phrases it doesn’t have. And we wish the language would adopt this officially, like it has done before.

Thus, my A to Z challenge for this month would be based on the theme: Words we wish English would adopt from other language. Sometimes, other languages might give us the words we never knew we needed.


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