B for Boketto


Language: Japanese

Meaning: The act of gazing vacantly into the distance without thinking

Dreamers and thinkers are often accused of staring intently at something, making the onlookers wonder about what is going on in their mind. But often, these stares are vacant, with no real direction, intent or purpose. While something else is running on their mind, their eyes glaze over, their stares fix at some arbitrary point and it seems as if the mundane scene before their eyes holds their attention. But in reality, the plethora of colours and images in their mind is much more captivating.

But there are people who do the same staring / gazing routine. And often surprise themselves and those around them by realising that while they had been staring, there really was not any conscious thought going on in their mind. There exists no fully formed thought, but a sense of calmness, of nothingness, that numbs their actions. The Japanese language having a word for this activity is surprising, considering the great productivity the nation is famous for. But there are no actual complaints. At the end of the day, we have a word to express a vague feeling.


Flash Fiction #2

“Bindhu! Come down here this instant. You have been there for four hours now!”

Shaking out of her reverie, she heard the annoyed voice floating over. She got up, dusted herself off, coughing in the process, and climbed down the rickety stairs.

“… We should not have given you the key to the attic. All you do is go there and sit and stare out of the window for the better part of the day.” Her mother was mumbling.

Sighing softly, Bindhu busied herself in eating the food before her. There was no point in explaining to her mother that she was thinking of the next big story, her magnum opus, one that will bring readers to her blog in scores. Finishing her food quickly, she ran back upstairs and fired up her laptop, eagerly checking for new messages. The notification pinged, and the new message popped up.

‘I have found the perfect username for you!’

Her hands flew over her keyboard.

‘You’re kidding! You found the one name that’s a perfect combination of anonymity but still reflects what I am and what I do? Really? What is it?’

The reply came instantly.

‘Yes. Boketto_babe :P’

She let out a snort, staring disbelievingly at the screen. A quick search revealed the meaning and she could not stop her grin.

‘I also found the content for your post!’ He sent, opening the video chat.

His shy grin disarmed her as he said, “You could write about us… About how we met online and fell in love, it would bring readers in hordes.”

She nodded automatically, always having known that this was the answer. She looked at his dimpled cheeks, one that she would think of for days to come. As she listened to him and nodded continuously, she realised she had a perfect content for her blog post series.

She also had a new reason to Boketto now.


10 thoughts on “B for Boketto”

  1. I love the word, it does describe me at times. I joke that I’ve become a cat, I can sleep and stare into space for hours. Now I can say I boketto 🙂
    I also love the beautiful letters you are using!
    I look forward to the month of posts.
    I’m over at theimperfectblog.com

    Liked by 1 person

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