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F for Forelsket


Language: Norwegian

Meaning: The specific feeling experienced while falling in love, rather than simply being in love.

Love, is beautiful if it is true. It is an amazing feeling, and gives utter confidence to the one who feels it. Love makes any man courageous, and people usually do what they often think is impossible for the ones they love. If done right, it is exhilarating, and gives strength and every positive feeling. A mother’s love for a child gives her the belief that anything is possible when it is in the benefit of her child. A father’s love for his child is protective, almost as if the child is delicate and fragile and needs to be cared for with a special intensity. A brother’s love for his sister is possessive, making sure she is as irritated as she is loved. And so on and so forth. The list is practically endless.

But these are all examples of love stemming out of relationships. But a special kind of love, the romantic kind, arises when we wholeheartedly choose a person, for whatever reason we prefer, and whatever qualities of theirs that attracted and ensnared us. While the feeling of love, being in love, achieving milestones in love, are all important, the best feeling is falling in love. This specific feeling is so unique, so exhilarating. Everything seems new. Every new emotion feels like you experience it for the first time, you learn a lot of new things about each other, some quirks, some habits specific to them. Every day is an adventure and every eye contact sends anticipatory shivers. The world seems spread out under your feet, ready to be explored and conquered. But you are content in being with that special person all alone. That feeling has no specific words in English and Norwegian comes to the rescue. It differentiates being in love from falling in love with a beautiful word.


Flash Fiction #6

Fiona waited in the café for about five minutes before she got bored with the humdrum. Her heart was fluttering and her mind was occupied with other thoughts. She did not want to seem over eager or nervous. Taking a sip of her latte, she looked out the window where she spotted him. She felt like she would recognise his long legged stride anywhere in the world. The way he carried himself was funny. Almost six and a half foot tall, huge when compared to her five foot eleven frame. He always walked as if he was in a hurry.

Entering the café, he looked around and his eyes locked with hers. His face lit up in a huge grin and he sniggered as he came close. She did not take her eyes off him until he plonked down on the seat in front of her.

“Tough day?” She asked sympathetically.

“Yeah, there was a double murder case off the promenade. Tough indeed. It sounded like a jilted lover murdering a man and wife, but was something deeper than that….” He sighed and rubbed his eyes tiredly.

“You found any clue?” she asked, her eyes focusing on the way his lips puckered and let out a heavy sigh.

“Nothing much. This is going to be one of those cases where the motives are clear but the suspects are hard to trace. Much more work for me than the detective on scene. He has the motive ready, only I have to find bits and pieces that will lead him to the killer. He almost gloated.”

Closing a single eye, she looked at him as he perused the menu.

“Still up for the big discussion about our future? We are yet to decide on the terms and conditions!” She said, wondering if it was even necessary to talk about the details. She was falling hard, and just looking at him gave her the butterflies.

He looked up and smiled at her, looking, for the first time, like he was tongue tied. He nodded, gulping. “Umm, yeah. Like I said, there is nothing to discuss. I love you, I want to make a future with you. I will do anything to make this work.”

Immensely pleased, she gave a huge grin, and with twinkling eyes, said, “Maybe we should just start with the basics once again, just to be sure… What is it that you are doing for a living? How do I decently describe analysing murder scenes and poking around dead bodies to find out clues that will lead you to the murderer?” She laughed before she could complete the sentence and he let his head fall back with an even bigger laugh, making everyone around them stare.

Once the laughs had subsided, he said softly, “Forensics. It is great and interesting, actually. Not at all like how you make it sound.”

Not moving her eyes off him, she agreed, “Yeah, Forelsket is indeed beautiful! Exhilarating, actually.”

He looked up quizzically at her, not sure if he had heard right. But then, he was falling in love with her and it was beautiful!



6 thoughts on “F for Forelsket”

    1. I think that is as honest as love gets. If you want to make a future with someone, you should love them enough to work for it. 🙂

      Comments like these encourage me to keep writing. Love to your words too 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I agree with Wendy. 🙂 This new words thing is fun. I am noting it down as you go. I can use that for next year if I need a theme 😛

    The feeling of falling in love is something that can’t be always put in words, so it’s nice to read a story on that, and that there’s a word for that. 😀


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