G for Gumusservi


Language: Turkish

Meaning: moonlight shining on water.

Many English language purists would not agree with the addition of new words into the lexicon, but they would be missing out on various beautiful words depicting both emotions and feelings and other random things. Turkish language has a word for something many of us would not even think of. Poets, artists, romantic lovers and almost anyone at some point of time has admired the patterns moonlight makes when shining on water. The moon is the most romanticised celestial object ever, and when it shines on water, the ripples on the surface distorting the shining moonlight have become the fodder for many poets.

There is no single word really needed for such a phenomenon, but since Turkish has given it us, it would be tantamount to a serious language disservice to not use it. Maybe traditional English would not accept this beautiful word, but modern stories and everyday conversations could use this.


Flash Fiction #7

Geetha came up the stairs wheezing and out of breath. She fumbled with the keys as she opened her door. The clock struck eleven as she entered with her bags, crashing on walls and dumping her heavy load on the floor by the entrance. The elevator had to give up on her just at the moment when she needed it the most. Having climbed eleven floors with seven heavy bags, she felt like she could throw a rock at the next person to cross her vicinity.

It didn’t matter if no one else pampered her on her birthday. She would do it herself. She had a busy day planned. The next day she had fixed her continuous appointments in a bookstore, a spa and then for dinner. She had her day booked. No friends, not one, had called her or even given inkling that it was her big day. She was turning 25. Forget everyone else, the man in her life, the man who should have been with her at such momentous occasions had gone traipsing across the country. Business tours. She snorted to herself.

Grumbling to herself as she fixed a late dinner of Mac and Cheese, she heard the doorbell chime and microwave ping at the same moment. Mildly surprised at the doorbell, she removed her dinner and went to the door. Standing there, looking happy and goofy with a grin was Ganesh. Seeing her husband in person surprised her. She stood immobile as he rushed in, in his usual style, and engulfed her in a huge hug. Overwhelmed, she gasped out her surprise as he pulled back with a exclamatory shout, “I am home!”

Weak in the knees, she nodded, something more than relief flooding over her. Just seeing him in person made her bad mood disappear magically. The next few minutes were a blur. He moved around the house in his hyperactive way, eating what she had cooked with relish, she noted mildly disdainfully. Just as the clock struck half past eleven, he got up and looked at her with a wild excitement in his eyes.

“Just half an hour more! Come, just come!”

And before she could react, he had dragged her to their car. A short drive later, with all the excitement of a seven year old kid he led her to the bank of a lake. As he guided her into a boat and rowed to the middle of the silent lake, she felt awed by the suddenness of it all unable to believe that this wasn’t all a dream.

A mild beep shook her from her reverie as he looked at his watch and rocked a bit on his toes. Just as the luminous display showed the time as 12, he raised his eyes up to her. Maybe it was the ring he took out, or maybe it was the way he whispered Happy Birthday in her ears, or maybe it was the silence and tranquility of it all, Geetha felt that the moment would forever be etched in her brain as one of her happiest moments. As she fell into his hug, he whispered, “The moon is so beautiful, isn’t it? I could write a poem on it.”

Looking up at him with twinkling eyes, she teased, “Writing on the moon is so passé, try writing on Gumusservi!”



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