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H for Hygge


Language: Danish

Meaning: Relaxing with a few friends and loved ones while having a meal or some drinks.

Friends and family are the reasons why a life is worth living. Sometimes, the best moments of your life are not planned, and give the most memorable things to take back. A bunch of friends have the power to change any day from worst to best with a few shared laughs. Food and drinks could only make the day better. The English language has a colloquial word for this feeling, called ‘chilling’, but that does not convey the feeling precisely.

The word Hygge is all about coziness. About friends and family and fun. This is one of those times when proper English had to adopt to modern way of life with a colloquial word. But even then all we could come up with was ‘chilling’, a word that could have another meaning, like cooling down. Maybe that is what actually happens, but the Danish word is much more precise and a nice way to say it and still sound serious!


Flash Fiction #8

Helga hovered near her team leader’s cabin. She wanted to go in, but he was on a call.

After what seemed like an hour later, but what were probably minutes, the door opened. Smiling at her, Hogan came in. She grinned back at him softly, and asked, “About my leave application…”

He nodded, taking out his phone and checking it with a smile, “You had applied for leave to attend some specific traditional day that was celebrated back in your country and now you are starting the tradition here… But you have applied for a Friday, and if you are really sure you could do with just the extended weekend, consider your leave approved…”

Helga smiled at him. He smiled back, this time a bit wistfully.

“I wish I could come… I like learning about new customs, you know… And maybe I can learn something Danish this time… What did you say the function’s name was?”

Stuttering a bit and feeling bad for his earnest wistfulness she said softly, “Hygge… It is for close family and friends only.”

His face fell.

But knowing she was taking a huge risk at letting him in on the secret, she said, “But you could join me tomorrow at my place… Hygge is all about friends, after all!”

His childish smile and the way his face lit up was all the answer she needed.


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