A to Z Challenge

Q for Quidditch


Meaning: A game played on flying broomsticks, air basketball

Reasons why I named this fictional word

  1. I did not find a proper foreign word for Q
  2. This word, and the world it represents are famous enough for this to become a norm.
  3. I am an unapologetic Harry Potter fan
  4. I did not want to break or quit the A to Z because of one word!

Okay. Seriously, now that you have read till here, I tried to come up with something interesting with Q. But all I got were words beginning with ‘quad’ as that seems to be the most popular set of words that began with Q. None of them were ‘words the English language needed to have’, obviously.


Flash Fiction #17

The kids were screaming at each other, passing the ball to and fro, kicking with gusto and not minding the hot summer sun. Qaira felt it affected her concentration. She looked down at the street below a little wistfully.

She watched the game with growing interest, loving how the boys and girls expertly passed the ball amongst themselves. Goals didn’t matter. The playing did. Smiling softly, she went back to her well thumbed copy of Harry Potter. It might be an interesting game, but it wasn’t Quidditch.


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