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The Chennai Book Fair 2016

What excites a book lover, a bibliophile the most? (other than a personal library of course!)

Library full of books that are theirs for the taking?

A book shop that becomes a favourite haunt?

What if all the books came under a single roof, in an elaborate structure that will be around for only a few days with amazing deals that you might not get ever again? What if there is thrill to be found in maneuvering the crowds and finding the books you wanted, and the ones you never knew you needed? Imagine the pure delight of sifting in and out of stalls, books neatly stacked in rows and columns over tables, in shelves and people standing, discussing books and finding out new releases. And imagine the excitement of finding out some book you have never heard of?

The icing on the cake? Food stalls

So where is this place? Right now, the action is happening in Island Grounds, Chennai.

Yes, The Chennai Book Fair, 2016 is where every book lover should be, right now! It has been going on since the first of this month, and is on till the 13th of June, and is a chance that shouldn’t be missed.

BAPASI has organised a gargantuan, grandiose and amazing book fair, a treat for all the Chennai folk. The books on display are many, varied and the individual stalls provided an amazing range of options. The Chennai Bloggers Club is the official blogging partner for the fair which has gathered a lot of attention for the wonders it has displayed for sale.


As an additional proud moment, an anthology that I am a part of, a book that has various pieces of fiction about the devastating Chennai floods in the December of 2015, has also been released and is being sold. Please buy the book (for Rs. 150 only!) @ the publisher’s own site.

The book was love’s labour, when a group of bloggers came together to talk about what was simultaneously one of the most devastating and empowering calamities ever to befall the city. Devastating because of the losses but empowering because of the number of young volunteers bringing in the necessary help to the places that required them the most. While Chennai was brought to its knees by the man made natural calamity, it also witnessed one of the most powerful forces of resurrection and recovery ever. Each story in this anthology is related to the floods, showing colours and perspectives to it that were not visible to the naked eye!


The book also has a foreword by celebrated RJ Balaji, a man who personally worked for flood relief.

And now for some book love! Here are some of the great collections on display.

Special mention to fellow blogger Deepan Anand for the clicks. He captured the soul of the fair very well and has given us some great photos to feast our eyes with!

Thinking of exciting things to do in this sweltering heat? Visit the Book Fair Maybe! 



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