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A different kinda A to Z – this time about ME!

 So I have tried and finally wheezed my way through the A to Z challenge for the year 2016, in the month of April, the one that went by. But this time I am back, with a different kind of A to Z, this time about me! Inspired by what I saw in my friend Vinay Leo R’s blog (A treasure trove of words, and a blog that captivates me many times, going under the name of I Rhyme Without Reason), I have written this as a personal, fun post!


A- Age: 25

B- Biggest fear: That I would fall out of love with the things and people I love – for the same reason I began loving them. And this is very much a reality, not any convoluted philosophy!

C- Current time: 11:11 p.m.

D- Drink you last had: Pineapple juice, blended by hand, sugarless and heavenly!

E- Every day starts with: An almost murderous groan at the alarm or person waking me up, followed by denial mode in getting out of bed and finally resignedly jumping into reality after about fifteen minutes.

F- Favourite Song: Many. Choosing one above the other is injustice. But I still would choose ‘Holy Daughter’ – the one that is currently playing.

G- Ghosts, are they real? I believe in them, only don’t fear them. The world is full of supernatural, and not all of it is bad.

H- Hometown: Chennai

I- In love with: Books, Music, long drives in the rain, talking with friends without a particular purpose and cooking (that is so therapeutic)

J- Jealous of: people who could see only themselves as they are in the mirror of erised if they come across it.

K- Killed someone: Oh yes, many people, all in my head of course. I am the ‘I might look quiet but in my head I have murdered you thrice already’ kind of person. I most often try to quell these thoughts by making them characters in my story and finishing them off or subjecting them to extreme torture. (*yeah I am evil that way!!*)

L- Last time you cried: The last time I watched the climax of the tamil movie, ‘Alaipayuthey’.

M- Middle name: None.

N- Number of siblings: None. I am a happy ‘only child’!

O- One wish: To make my parents proud of me, in everything I do.

P- Person you last called: My father (the call went unanswered) and a really close friend (the call that lasted 34 minutes, a rarity these days)

Q- Question you’re always asked: Are you always this clumsy? (unapologetically yes!)

R- Reason to smile: Finally having gained my grandmother’s support on things that mattered. That has kept me grinning after two solid weeks.

S- Sounds that annoy you: Anyone repeatedly clicking a pen without reason, metal scraping on blackboard, horns blaring when the signal is red – the usual list.

T- Time you woke up: 5 AM – spent the better part of the morning cleaning my cupboard

U- Underwear colour: Too personal to answer (even if only a handful of people would actually view this blog, and most of those handful would have lost interest by now and stopped reading already!)

V- Vacation destination: a) Favourite so far: Shimla – the market place and the long walk that led to it was bliss with the company I had. Bangalore – my second home and a place I sorely miss by now. b) Wish List: London, Switzerland, Kolkata

W- Worst habit: Bad sitting posture while reading and using the computer, talking way too much once I begin (at least the beginning part is hard, thank god).

X- X-Rays you’ve had: Almost a hundred, for two consecutive major trauma accidents injuring my leg and hip. Most recently my wrist.

Y- Your favourite food: Anything my mom prepares. (Cliche, I know, but true). I have got one other favorite cook and his masala dosas are to die for)

Z- Zodiac sign: Virgo – fiercely loyal, self critical, dependable but very reserved. And too practical of even those things that require a dreamy outlook.

Those who are reading this, please consider this line as a tag request and share your list. It’s fun!


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