100 Blog Days, 100 Days of Blogging

100 Days of Blogging : Kickoff post!


So like all crazy ideas, this one began with a chance comment too. Like it was the most important thing ever, a group of friends came to the realization that there were only a 100 days left in the year 2016, which has been quite a roller coaster thus far. So starting today (23rd September) there are only 100 days more to reach 2017, yet another new year, yet another beginning. (No resolutions, though. They last for lesser time than a shooting star. And the guilt for not following them lasts longer and goes deeper than a crater made by a meteor).

So what would a group of bloggers plan to do around this idea? Blog about it, of course. Amidst brainstorming and mutual motivation, it was decided that we would all write ONE post a day for the rest of 2016 so that by the time the year ends, we will have 100 posts. (That is a lofty dream, but one I hope to achieve, fingers crossed).

Since agreeing upon a common theme for everyone was mundane, we sat down to blog about a theme we chose. And for mine, I chose to write about my favorite quotes / dialogues / scenes from books, movies and otherwise, that have in some way influenced me and impressed me enough to stay on my mind. This is not new, but the topic itself can mean a unique list for every individual. Hoping this journey would bring many common favorites and some rare gems, I hereby declare open in Partis Temporus… 100 Days of Blogging.

Cue: Dramatic music / Crescendo

P.S.: No one, I repeat, no one should confuse this with the popular flick ‘100 Days of Love’. Other than the similar sounding name, there is nothing in common 🙂


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