100 Blog Days, 100 Days of Blogging

Day 4 of 100

“Zealots: Wild eyed persons afflicted with incurable certainty about the workings of the world, a certainty that can lead to violence when the world doesn’t fit.”

― Jonathan Stroud, The Ring of Solomon


Why I like it:

I have always held onto my view that violence and bloodshed are not answers for any of the world’s problems. It never does affect the people responsible for the evoked emotion but almost always ends up tearing the lives from thousands, even millions of people who had lives to live and families to be with.

Why it finds a place in my top 100:

The Bartemius Chronicles by Jonathan Stroud are a few of my most favourite books of all time, books I sit down to read when I feel low, simply for the brilliance in the writing and the sarcastic but helpful Djinni I relate well with. Most of the quotes from this book are near perfect and very memorable and some more from his writing might find their way in this list in the coming days.

This particular quote, though, was the first mainly because of the fact that it spoke of – a few zealots with the misguided sense of purpose and determination tend to overdo things and completely take the focus away from the actual cause. The world as it is, is becoming a hard place to live in, without such people ruining it further with their angry, misdirected causes, only ending up tearing more families apart until one day they turn into themselves, destroying their own lives and everything they held dear. It is high time to realise peace is not just about cowardice or compromise, it is about sustenance and is the only solution to most man made problems.

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