100 Blog Days, 100 Days of Blogging

Day 7 of 100

“We all learn to bury a broken heart beneath layers of dignity.”

-Simply Unforgettable, Mary Balogh


Why I like it:

Of all the human traits, love is the only thing that both weakens and strengthens us as the humans we are. A broken heart is stronger with the lessons it has learnt and dignity and self respect sometimes do come above other emotions!

Why it finds a place in my top 100

I have always admired the elegant writing of Mary Balogh and this particular book, a gift from a friend offered me a helping hand, a much needed complete 180 degree change of perspective on a few things. To someone whose beliefs about love bordered on dubious disbelief, there are few things that would impart a stronger lesson to the contrary than books.

Hearts are meant to love, and they could be broken, but it is a risk worth taking. When the time to choose comes, sometimes though it may cause immense pain, we choose dignity first and hide the shattered pieces of our heart deep under the many layers of dignity we shield ourselves with and instead focus on holding our head upright and walking past the very thing that broke our hearts without crumbling or caving in. When life is all about choices, only those whose minds rule their hearts are able to make balanced decisions. Some things might be simply unforgettable, but that does not mean we wallow in them.

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