100 Blog Days, 100 Days of Blogging

Day 8 of 100

“Sometimes people are beautiful.

Not in looks.

Not in what they say.

Just in what they are.”

― Markus Zusak, I Am the Messenger


Why I like this:

This quote is one fine example of the seemingly profound things that have always been known but never actually articulated until someone else comes along and actually gives the form of words to the thoughts we have. I like this quote for the thing it conveys.

Why it finds a place in my top 100

Not very long ago, physical beauty was a thing to be appreciated, admired and adored. But of late, it has become a standard requirement. In a world where too much importance is placed in the beauty of appearance, the chance to look beyond the visible layer and appreciate something deeper than that, to appreciate what is not visible to the eyes but to the mind, is rare.

We have come across many people, some of them have grown familiar, and we have been able to look past what is visible first to how they behave, how they talk and how they are as a person. And the bonds formed based on these have always remained stronger and withstood the test of times. The insistence (in this quote) that beauty is not just about looks or words, but also something more than that is what makes this find a place in this list.

#Day8of100 #100BlogDays #100DaysOfBlogging


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