100 Blog Days, 100 Days of Blogging

Day 11 0f 100

“He had not killed anyone in the war; others had done the butchering for him.”

-Ajaya (Rise of Kali), Anand Neelakantan


Why I like this:

Obviously one of my least favourite characters in the whole epic (Mahabharatha) was Yudishtra, one of the worst preachers Dharma had ever had. This quote was particularly about him and sounded so true, of the pseudo villains who kept their hands clean while others did their dirty work.

Why it finds a place in my top 100:

The longest epic ever written, Mahabharatha, also has its huge share of controversial incidents, shady characters, doubtable ethics and most important of all, a huge bloodshed that is offered as the final solution to life’s many problems.

I have always disliked the bad guys going under the cover of good guys more than the antagonists themselves, and of my top 10 characters in the hate list, Yudishtra bags the 3rd or 4th place. He is the perfect representation of someone who did everything that could possibly go wrong and be disastrous while feigning ignorance of the ill effects of his mistaken deeds. Then claiming to be the son of Dharma, he absolves himself of all blame – conveniently placing it on others. This is how most leaders are, while the men in their employ fight to save and defend, they keep clean of all the blood and gore, debating the finer aspects of politics without a care.

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