100 Blog Days, 100 Days of Blogging

Day 12 of 100

“After all, respecting the differences is what friendship is all about, isn’t it?”

-Kavipriya Moorthy, I Don’t Wear Sunscreen


Why I like this:

In the age when too many people have a wrong idea about friendship, only some words like these make it clear that real friendship is staying together despite having disagreements

Why it finds a place in my top 100

I read this book through a time of deep inner turmoil and something about the raw, simple words in this caught my attention. I sat up reading two hours in one night and finished the book at a go, without a blink or a break. Some parts of the book really stood out and I take back a lot from this chinked sculpture that is still a beauty in its own regard. Over time, the author herself became a friend and the more we spoke, the more I realised that her words were an untapped potential.

As to this particular quote, I have always scoffed at the requirement that friends must always agree with each other even if they are not comfortable with it just to ‘maintain the friendship’. The true friendships survive longest and they are all based on the ‘agree to disagree’ philosophy and that is how it should be. The world needs to stop believing in the rule that if you love someone, you should love everything they say or do!

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