100 Blog Days, 100 Days of Blogging

Day 13 of 100

“It’s not always about the happy ending.

Sometimes it’s about the story.”

-Aniesha Brahma, When our Worlds Collide


Why I like it

When too much emphasis is placed on the destination, sometimes we miss the beauty of the journey itself, regretting everything we missed while having the single minded focus. This quote is the modern mantra of every twenty –or thirty something person hurrying towards their goals.

Why this finds a place in my top 100

The world is always about goals, and no one enjoys the idyllic beauty of things around them anymore. All the journeys in life are made with the fixed destination in mind and falling short of the metaphorical destination leads to despair and regret. Even stories in the modern day are expected to have a ‘closure’, something that hints at all the loose ends neatly tied up, handed as a perfect package. But life seldom works that way. Some people come into our lives, give us beautiful memories, shift our perspectives, and leave halfway, sometimes without prior warning.

But if we were to spend the rest of our lives in a perpetual loop of ‘what if’ and ‘if only’, we would be left with a bitterness that seeps into our very essence. Stopping and smelling the roses is a necessity – to enjoy the journey that takes you there as much as you anticipate the ending itself. It is not always about the perfect happy ending, sometimes it really is about the journey, the story.

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