100 Blog Days, 100 Days of Blogging

Day 15 of 100

“It is amazing how much the way the world looks depends upon the mood of the viewer”

-C.Suresh, A Dog Eat Dog Food World


Why I like it:

Moods often change perceptions wildly. Moods are the reasons why even music becomes noise, sometimes. This is exactly why this quote is one of my favourites, because I relate with this so much.

Why it finds a place in my top 100:

One of the most wonderful things about the human mind is the way it colors everyday things. When seen in a good mood, the most mundane of things appear exciting and colourful. When the mood is otherwise, even the most favourite of things seem irritating. Taken from one of my top 100 favourite books, this quote speaks to me on a different level. A Dog Eat Dog Food World is a satire – one of the rarest genres in fiction.

The book itself is a collection of funny, philosophical, thought provoking quotes and a lot of parables that I took back with me long after I had finished reading the full story. While the writing itself was brilliant, what was more attractive was the content, the matter it conveyed, and the manner it conveyed everything in. The list may contain more quotes from the same book, of a different nature, from a different page.

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