100 Blog Days, 100 Days of Blogging

Day 17 of 100

“Distance and time will put everything in this world to test. And most often things crumble before them.”

-Dhasa Sathyan, Among The Stars


Why I like it

The strongest of forces can often quail before distance and time, and bonds can be broken easily. The quote itself is profound, and its inlaid meaning is even more so.

Why it finds a place in my top 100

The quote belongs to one of the different offbeat books I have read, an anthology of short stories of various genres. Though not all of the stories could be remembered verbatim, some thoughts, ideas and the way they were explored stood in my mind. The book itself was a welcome change from the run of the mill romances and thrillers populating the market.

This particular quote – a rephrasing of one of life’s most important philosophies, was worded so perfectly. Distance and Time are two of the most important factors that will decide major things in life. Even the best of bonds will break down before distance and time, and long distance relationships weaken over time. Nothing in this world is beyond the power of distance and time. We have all seen people drifting away with the distance between them increasing and the frequency of contacts lessens over time. Lucky are those who form bonds that are not affected by either of these.

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