100 Blog Days, 100 Days of Blogging

Day 18 of 100

“He was as different from his grandfather as an auto-rickshaw’s horn was from a cow’s.”

-Rasana Atreya, Tell A Thousand Lies


Why I like it:

From one of the books I had categorised under ‘moving and well written’, this quote captured my heart in the innocence and the seemingly random comparison.

Why it finds a place in my top 100

While I enjoyed the book as a whole, having read it during one of my toughest times, I really took back some parts of it and could quote a few lines verbatim even now. There was a strange alluring trait to the simple Pullamma and the way she narrates life. The story of how marriages in India happen and how even the best laid of plans can go completely topsy-turvy. No one knows for sure what life has in store for them, but we get up each day, with plans, dreams, aspirations, while destiny smiles and charts a course

More than the innocence of this quote, the placement in the book is so brilliant. Coming from a simple village girl, this random comparison is so brilliant if we understand the meaning. Though two things (people) might have the same name (last name / family name) it does not mean they are similar. They can be radically different, with no connection whatsoever. In a world that is quick to value a person based on their ‘pedigree’, this comparison from a barely adult village woman is innocent but deep, and shall remain a quote that both amuses me and makes me think.

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