Blogging 2017

The Random Text

I was scouring for topics for my second post of the year. There was no dearth of topics, but none seemed interesting enough to write on. And that was when the random text from one of my best buddies came.

‘Free for the evening? Shall we go out shopping?’

It had been ages since we had done anything like that, and coming from a woman who used to just drop into my house at random and pick my phone and keys up, demanding I go shopping with her, this seemed odd. Her move to another city had slowly drifted us apart, and though technology kept us close, it had been a long time since we had actually met. I replied in the affirmative, turned to mommy dearest and was just expressing my surprise when the doorbell rang.

I jumped up to open it, only too glad to see the familiar grin and feel the comforting embrace. It was a few moments before mom and I calmed down enough (after a loving and exuberant welcome) to talk to her. The shopping excursion began shortly, taking me back a year or two, when life was quite spontaneous and decisions did not require much deliberation.

No matter how many months go by without a shred of contact, things can get back to how they originally were, without any conscious effort. Some relationships do not need constant contact to thrive. I was seeing live proof of that statement as the evening progressed, as we haunted the familiar shopping district and our favorite eateries.

The best moment of the evening was the comforting familiarity that was exuded in that one sentence when we sat in our favorite restaurant, and she turned to me with a knowing smile, “The usual?”

The usual it was. Some things never change, and they are best left that way. Little things like these make the long days worthwhile, and the dinner disappeared quickly amidst laughter and helpless giggles, calling and making fun of mutual friends. (Pssst… not mentioning the disapproving glares from fellow patrons of the restaurant here! :D)

The journey back home, laden with trinkets and souvenirs of our evening of shopping, made me realize that the day was ending too quickly for my liking, but with promises of more such evenings, the parting hug was not as painful as it once had been, when the uncertainty increased the anguish! I was happier for what had happened than being apprehensive about what would come.

Amidst all the chaos, there was order. Amidst all the turmoil, there was the calm. Amidst everything that rocked the boat, there was the anchor!

There is a reason why this seemingly insignificant incident has been recorded in permanence. It belonged to the set of things I am grateful for, and I have decided it is too late to wait for the year end to remember each little thing I should feel thankful about!

2017 has begun on a kind note, bringing me the cheer and happiness that eluded me so. And my wishes and prayers hope for it to continue into the year!

Cheers to friendship, and people who remain unchanged!


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