Blogging 2017


Music is a way of life.

There can never be two different opinions about this. For some, music is a really important daily staple. Like me.

Dedicating this post to the Mozart of Madras, I want to do my little bit for his birthday (today). To a lot of people he is the double Oscar winner, or the man who is internationally recognized. To me, though, he is the man who composed music fresh as a dew drop in Roja, and thrilling as a jet ski ride in Bombay and the man who kept climbing only upwards from there. This post is not to celebrate all the beautiful movies he’s done or all the awesome songs he’s given. This post is my tribute to the man who came to this height because he loved the job he was doing.

A random Facebook post today morning calling for his fans in my friend list to suggest songs for my playlist turned into a beautiful discussion, with each person absolutely unable to decide only two out of his awesome and exhaustive collection, as requested in the post. The discussions brought together friends from various parts of my life together, and the common thing that united them was his music. If this isn’t an example of his power and reach, I don’t know what else is.

The song suggestions came fast and I barely had time to note them all down, for fear of missing a few wonders. And then I sat down to make a playlist, carefully selecting the songs and hearing them, some for the first time, some songs since a long time ago. But as I heard each song, I remembered who recommended it to me, and it was an amazing feeling to see how each person’s taste varied and yet was, in some way, similar.

There was something about the songs, the magic in the music that I felt coursing through me, nourishing my soul and enriching my day. I finished the round with two of his best instrumentals, always my favorite kind of music. Of all the songs that I listened, one song stood out, both for the lyrics and the music. It may or may not be his best, according to many of his fans, it may or may not be his best, even according to my opinion. I might have another song of his that is even more of a favorite, and might have slipped my memory. But no matter what the reason, this song stood out amidst the hundred odd songs of Rahman I heard today – the one song that showed the side of Rahman I love the most. The man who could compose music that gently strokes the soul with its beauty.

Oru naal oru pozhuthu from Andhi Mandhaarai – a song everyone might know but might have forgotten! The lyrics and the yearning in this song are unmatched, and the music is the breath to a beautiful sculpture.

Happy Birthday, ARR! May you give us more such soul-stirring songs.

Here is the song on YouTube for those who want to listen!



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