Blogging 2017

Closer Than ‘Near’

The night creeps on,
a breeze whispers in the purple hue.
Waiting for the dawn,
I dream of you.

There’s a void in my heart,
where the memories ache.
The silence, it thunders,
as they rustle in the dark.

I pine for those moments,
those silly talks.
The quiet sigh of the moon,
those pointless walks.

I keep yearning for the silent laughter,
that long held gaze;
the nervous glances,
now lost in the haze.

I talk to the wind
Hearing the sigh of your breath
When you used to yearn
For those same things too

There’s nothing to scavenge here,
in these ruins of our tempest.
Here, where our souls once entwined
closer than near.


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