Blogging 2017

Oiling A Machine

A large part of a machine’s proper functioning is dependent on the maintenance and service activities we carry out to keep it running. No matter how good the machine is, or what popular, sturdy components it uses, it will need constant maintenance to keep it running smoothly. There is no point complaining about why it is not running as it once did, or that it is suddenly creating problems when it had always been functioning well – if you have not put in the effort. If the machine is whining and groaning, it is because it lacks the maintenance or service. For the time and money we invest in procuring it, we take care to maintain it periodically so there are no possible repairs.

Why then, is our attitude towards human relationships so different?!

Before any wrong assumptions are made: I am not equating the multilayered human relationships with mere machines. On the contrary, I am wondering why something that is a million times more important does not get even a millionth of the same care and regular affection? What is it about machines that would make us care for them and what is it about human relationships that make us regard them with a casual attitude?

And yes, I am hearing the distant contradictions already – how dare I suggest that we don’t value relationships? How dare I equate two seemingly unrelated tangents? How dare I even bring upon a topic that seems so gibberish and also write a blog post about it? Most importantly, how dare I say we don’t attach the importance to relationships that we do to materialistic machines?

As with most of my recent posts, this is more of an introspection, a reflection to see if we do actually care. These questions are merely rhetoric, and my observation can be as wrong as the one made by the man who thought birizza will become a favored alternative to pizza. (No. You did not just catch the Dumbledore reference in that).

As an aside, I do not believe in the ‘real friends can go without years without contact and still talk like they continued from where they left last time’. To be honest I have friends who do keep in touch occasionally, and still remain friends without the need to keep abreast of each other’s’ lives. Yes, you just read that contradictory statement. But then again, these friendships would have gone to seed if we had contacted each other only when we needed help out of a tight spot and conveniently forget to talk at other times. It would be opportunistic to the point of utter disgust and also emotionally draining.

Human relationships need nurturing. The best of love affairs go sour because people do not make the same effort they made to obtain the love in maintaining it. The basically human attitude of not realizing the value of what we have makes us complacent in nurturing it. Actually taking time out to appreciate the people we have in our lives would go a long way in keeping them. A kind word has become such a rarity that it is considered to have ulterior motives these days. Spending time with the people we want to have in our lives would leave us feeling loads better, and the meaningful conversations would nurture the soul.

Oiling a machine is one of the main requirements to keep it running. The same rule applies everywhere.


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