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The Shopping Ex(curs/haust)ion

Wedding season. The Tamil month of Thai is one of the most famous wedding seasons in Tamil Nadu.  And my cousin has prepared himself to launch into his marriage with full gusto. With the marriage just around the corner (in a fortnight), shopping excursions have begun in full force. Belonging to one of the city’s famous shopping districts, I can vouch for the fact that I am completely averse to the concept of shopping.

I try to skip shopping days, sending someone in my stead, or trying to do it earlier in the morning before the actual crowds set in. I am jumpy in large crowds, and do not admire the noise or the suffocation of the shopping district. Maybe the proximity has something to do with it, and maybe I have gotten completely bored by the concept of shopping because the traffic for the shopping centers start from near my house and I cannot even step out of my own house on busy festive days without getting shunted by the crowds.

Whatever be the reason, I have grown to (no, dislike is a strong word) be wary of shopping and more importantly the crowds. But I admire the stamina and grit of the fellow womenfolk of my household who enter the shops like fish to water. I can only watch from the sidelines as they choose just the right shade of a (crimson + blue = purple) and haggle over why and how they would never get a matching shade in the shawl or the accessories. Be it my fifty year old aunt or fifteen year old cousin, all women have this innate extra chromosome that helps them shop.

There is a methodical beauty in the way they turn the shops upside down and finally find the very thing they wanted at the bottom of the large piles in the dingy backside storehouse of the shop. It has to be a specially acquired quality honed by years of experience. I must have skipped the line when they handed out that gene strain. Or I was probably in the queue for something less fancy – I am easily distracted.

So that is the long story of how I spent almost ten hours today in the city’s most famous shopping district, going up and down the fifteen shops. But the day had its saving grace. I also had a completely filling meal in my favorite restaurant. (No, we are not talking about how I stalled and delayed as much as possible, dreading returning to the crowded marketplace). And while everyone will call this a shopping excursion, this was merely ‘the shopping exhaustion’ for me. Wait… Is that even a term? If not, they must add it to the dictionaries. And now I trot off after a long day to conveniently curl up with my favorite book.

*Hagrid snores*


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