Blogging 2017

Does distance matter?

Some of life’s best moments are unexpected. This is one of the philosophies I have always believed in completely. When the best-laid plans go wrong, the unexpected surprises have turned even dull days awesome. And the best of the surprises have come from people who knew, without prompt or direct discussion that the pleasant surprises would just brighten up my day.

I was the recipient of such an awesome surprise today, something that made my day, even my week. It was about the deed more than the thing I was surprised with. It was about how much thought went into the process and how special it made me feel. I was surprised at the feelings that some people could evoke in me even from thousands of miles away.

Words fail me to thank the angels in my life, the people who are genuinely concerned if I am happy and the people who try their best to bring a smile on my face. Be it from five miles away or five thousand miles away, these are the people I wish to surround myself with. The concerned messages and the jolt of happiness merely by seeing a notification with their name create an unparalleled joy. And this little post is the space to thank them for being there, and proving that distance not matter if the intent is there.

Life is in the little blessings.

*This post is intentionally shorter than usual. I don’t want this to turn into a dreary monologue*


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