Blogging 2017

Case, so close!

Mobile flip cases have three weird habits:

  • To close themselves when you are trying to operate the screen (especially if single handed)
  • To make the phone extra bulky and therefore extra uncomfortable in pockets and purses
  • AND, most importantly, to tear / break right when you are preparing for a long trip

My search for a mobile flip case for my father’s android phone led to interesting revelations today. His old, trusted case (yeah, yeah, the works) failed him just before a major trip. It has cracked down the middle in the back, and guessing by how he’s not revealing its last moments as a whole case and how it suddenly turned this way, I am going to wager on him dropping it on the tarmac. The mobile, thankfully, is unscathed.

But that is not why this post came into existence. I had to, of course, find a replacement case, in case something happened to the case-less phone. And seeing as it is an older model (meaning it came out more than a year ago and has long since lost its prime place and gone on to its ‘use by’ date, finding a case was next to impossible. Next to. Not completely.

My first reaction was to order it online, and most helpfully, all the sites offered to deliver it a week (or four days at best) from now, prime time, when I would, hopefully be on a train that is chugging its way along into the southern districts of my state. And thus I had to resort to the (would you believe it?) regular standby – actually walking down to the shop and buying things we select from rows and rows of shelves and interacting with the shopkeeper to pay for the things we chose. Weird. But I did it.

(Okay, okay, my attempt at sounding like a petulant teenager deceived no one. I’ve been around long enough to see the older, colored 100 rupee notes, and the introduction and sad devaluation of the pink-red 1000 rupee note – a shame that one, I’d rather liked it – for God’s sake! But yes, after eight straight days of shopping in the neighborhood had drained of most of my reserve)

I went to the famous haunts that were supposed to sell mobile covers and pouches and the shopkeepers braved teetering shelves and broad store rooms only to come back and tell me that no, they did not have the flip cover for the particular model. And that went out of fashion exactly eleven months ago, so they did not stock covers anymore.

My hero, my savior, my dad, came up with a great suggestion. And following that we went to one of the lesser known shops (those that bring to mind dusty counters, bored attendant and a single ceiling fan that rotated with its blades showing – well, you get the picture). We tasted success in the fifteenth shop we entered. The shopkeeper’s face quickly flitted from surprise, (I wonder why), confusion (okay, yeah) to a glad grin (come, now. That was a nice thing to see!)

Yes, indeed. He did have one. Why was I asking?

I held up the coverless phone and he gladly brought out the perfect fit from his stock after some searching. I was beyond elated at our search coming to a fruitful end. But my dad was even more so. For in all of the fourteen previous shops we had entered, he had not found what he wanted but I had found… umm… certain electronic devices of interest (speakers, headphones, a pen drive – I really needed that one – OTG cable, etc.) that set him back by a considerable sum of money.

In my defense, the Bluetooth speakers were advertised as waterproof and there is a party coming my way. Well, one where I hope I am able to play songs in this. But that is a story for another day!


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