Blogging 2017

The ‘Tiredness’ post

This is my ‘I am very tired but not too tired to break my excellent streak of continuous writing’ post. A filler if you will. Those who have been following my posts (looks at the loiterers who stumble upon the link by chance and escape with the haste of those who backpedal out of the WinRAR license page) would know that I am busy with a wedding (not mine) and have yet managed to continuously bore about ten people with my ‘regular updates’.

Weddings are always the season of joy and gaiety – for those who are attending. It is a completely different story for those who are actually organizing it. The story of ‘have you packed that?’ quickly followed by shouts of ‘where the heck is that thing?’ and the general hullabaloo of everything going amiss only to turn up at a convenient date two weeks later from under the bottom flap of the bag is how we can describe the wedding season from behind the scenes.

The difference is very similar to the one comparison between Arthur Weasley and Basil during the Quidditch World Cup.

“Not on duty eh, Arthur? It is alright for some.” Really!

*Hagrid snores*


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