Blogging 2017

The feeling called ‘home’!

There is no feeling to match that of being back home after travel. Even if the place I went to was like a second home and I spent the better part of my days amidst ‘family’, there was a true sense of calm only when I opened my own door and strode in to that place I call home.

I had two pleasant surprises waiting for me when I reached and those made my tired day a bit happier.

The first was a book – a gift from a close friend that had arrived while I was away and was handed over to me by a smiling neighbor who could not resist knowing what I had in the bulky parcel. She waited until I had come in and gave me the parcel, stood beside me patiently while I unwrapped it and was satisfied only when she saw it was a book. I take this very public space to thank her for that.

The second was a long envelope – something I wondered about. It had come by post of course, like the watchman solemnly informed me, and as I opened the envelope, out slid two sheets of paper with a thick card wrapped inside them. Yet another personal invitation for – yes, a wedding again. More than the invitation itself, it was the attached personal letter that made my day. Some friends cross mere borders of generation and age and continue into a ripe old age. The letter and invitation were from my mother’s friend and as mom read the letter from the first endearment, I was feeling pleasantly happy.

But more than both of these combined, the sight of the wizened old watchman who slouched to hand this letter to me and the curious neighbor who wanted to know what I had received, invoked a sudden surge of affection in my heart. I had been away for barely three days but the underlying feeling of unrest has come down only after I had reached my home. I like travels, but I now know what I like better. My blanket and my coffee mug – neither of which I will be able to take along while I travel!


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