Blogging 2017

The 3 plots!

Today was a long happy day of sleeping, snoring Hagrid.

The Indian Hagrid snored almost all day today and that was when the 3 huge plot ideas came.

I have always been a perpetually sleepy person. So it was no surprise that sleep kinda played catch-up with me after almost a fortnight of minimum sleep to make me barely functional. The three plot ideas came to me as I was in the twilight zone between sleep and waking up, and they all seemed too good. Like the plot of Harry Potter, it walked into my mind, fully formed and I rushed up to write the three plots down, pleased to know that they all belonged to different genres.

So my subsequent days will be filled with me noting down key points and developing my plot ideas into… nothing. Yeah. I start with much fanfare. It is the same thing every time. Each plot gets a new notebook, a new pen and all the works. But the notebooks remain unfilled. This time around, I hope to fill at least one notebook with the plot idea, and develop it fully.

*Self Cheering*


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