Blogging 2017

The Day I Got Distracted

Maybe this post will become a record of the day I got distracted from actually writing. I have taken to writing my blog posts during the nights because it helps me collect the events of the day and let that decide on what I am going to write on. But today, it probably was not the best of ideas. I had left this out to the last minute and the recent revelations in the news completely distracted me from writing.

As I oohed and ahed at the news, the blank, open document page stared back at me. I will not fill this out with much, though. But today has been a lesson for me to not leave things till the last minute. I have always had a lot of brushes with deadlines and have never been the one to complete work much before any prescribed deadline. But today has taken the cake. Totally. Maybe this post is the warning trigger for me to get myself to work soon and early next time around.

*Hagrid muses*


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