Blogging 2017

Fernweh and Far-sickness!

Fernweh (literally “far pain”) is the craving to travel to some place that is far away. ‘Far-sickness’, a longing for a place I’ve never been to. That is what I am feeling right now.

Ever since my close buddy Bharathy shared pictures of New York at Christmas time, I have felt this insane longing to be there. I have watched many pictures and videos of American cities, read about them, seen them in movies. And having been blessed with a very imaginative brain, I was able to visualise the scenes described in books, like I was present at that place at the time.

I don’t know what was so special about the pictures, maybe they had a better impact because the pictures were a real time, personalized set from someone close to my heart. Now I fully realized the impact of seeing something in movies and in actual photographs. They are nothing alike, and the pictures have a billion times greater impact than what is carefully shot and edited as movies or described in books. Though my leanings have always been towards London as the magical city, I now have a new favorite.

The longing for the place I have never visited, the place that is thousands of miles away, the place where my friend lives, is so strong that the day it comes to fruition will be nothing short of magical. Christmastime New York and selfies with my friend are on my travel bucket list, jumping the priority list and coming to the fore of all my travel wishes.

The pictures have invoked a special kind of wanderlust in me and if ever I have yearned so much to visit a city, it is this!


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