Blogging 2017

Sharing Happiness!

Happiness is one of the very few things that increases when shared. It has been proven (okay, no. I read it in some dubious clickbait source online. But the message is good, so…) that sharing happiness increases the happiness one feels. Experiencing happiness due to others’ happiness is one of the most underrated feelings ever, and often considered a quality impossible to have.

I have always felt a strange sense of contentment to see a happy smile on the faces of my friends or family. Or hear about some little thing that made them feel happy. There is infinite joy in seeing someone happy because it is a precious thing. In a world where discontent and discord rule, it takes a huge effort to make anyone happy, and bigger effort to keep them happy.

It is very easy to be around happy people, because the emotion just radiates around them, forming a warm golden, translucent cocoon that no amount of sadness can penetrate. While this feeling may not be permanent, there are people who actually make an effort to be happy, actively seeking it out and refusing to be bogged down by the heaviness of sad events or memories, refusing to let the negativity touch them.

The days might be few and far between, when the occasional bout of sadness or irritation comes to the fore. But there are only two reasons (broadly classified) for why happy people are happy. For one, the actively seek out happiness, preferring to revel in the glory it creates, in the way it touches their soul and makes them radiant, trying to keep the euphoria at a healthy level. And secondly, happy people refuse to be sad or pensive or dissatisfied. While circumstances largely contribute to someone’s happiness, actual ‘happy people’ are those who have escaped the rut of basic human psychological needs – to seek out a self gratifying, self pitying bout of sadness.

I have been extremely lucky to know few very happy people in my life, whose messages would just brighten up my day, no matter what my current situation was. The grin that sits on my face and the permanent upward curl of my lips have both made me feel that thrill of happiness in my bones, and for the first time I am recently realizing how difficult and pointless it is to actually revel in sadness / anxiety.

This post is dedicated to one such person, whose single message brightened my whole day. “I am happy about something, and I wanted to share it with you!”

I felt no need to ask the reason. The happiness had already resonated in my soul and the now familiar smile had settled on my face. I celebrated the happiness before I knew the reason, and while it led to a few good laughs, I could see clearly what it meant to be happy for no particular reason other than someone else’s happiness. That feeling is not alien to me. And I am feeling it a lot recently. But today was extra special and since the message came in the morning, I spent the rest of the day in a state where I frightened my neighbors and anyone who came close with a huge grin.

I learnt one important lesson today. Someone’s happiness triggered mine. But my grin elicited a lot of smiles from people who came close to me, or happened to meet me the whole day. The smiles began uncertainly at first and then there were some polite queries from people who knew me. But invariably, every recipient of my grin smiled back at me, their faces brightening up for a moment. Spreading happiness was easier than I had ever assumed, and smiles are a pile of dominos.

Here’s to spreading more happiness and cheer!


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