Blogging 2017

Too Good To Be True!

Will this work?

Is this supposed to?

Too good to be true!

Why is it so?


The doubts, the fears

Reading between the lines

Creating the lines

To be read between


The black merges to the white

The grey area expands

The lights at the end of a

Very long tunnel


Thousands of miles apart

The thoughts connected

“Oh you do that too?”

“I thought it was only me!”


Digital screens defined

The words and the emotions

And when words failed

The yellow faces swam in


The occasional red floated in

Brightening up the screen

This new connect, the understanding

Loving it so, cherishing it.


The dark demons surface

Too perfect, they tell me

Too good to be true

It will not last, forever


Maybe it is fated to last

Built like the golden gate

Floating above doubts

Suspended on belief


The time together

Is magically resonant

The time apart

Spent in thoughts, wondering


Every passing day

The resolve is stronger

We are here to stay

There is no danger


The tone in the voice

Is difficult to follow

Are the digital screens

Really that shallow?


The occasional doubts surface

Is this too much?

Is this too little?

Or not at all?


The mirror mocks from afar

That was how it was

From the other side

It is no different, if worse!


The heart speaks up

Confidence seeps in

Slowly at first, then with force

The cloak is shed, doubts adjourned


Like two little foals

Trying to find footing

Two confounded souls

Finding friendship!


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