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Dissecting a song!

There is a habit I have. A curious habit not many share.

When I hear a song, it has to attract me at first for this magic connection to happen. The attraction might happen as a combination of multiple factors, be it in the music arrangement, the voice, the lyrics, or sometimes the artist! The song has to touch that part of the brain and make an instant connection.

I do not make any inferences until the third time I hear it fully. I let the song grow on me naturally before I begin dissecting it. The process itself happens in three steps

The music:

This always comes first. I love to hear the various instruments used and the music arrangement in the song. These are the first things I notice about the song, mainly because I love instrumental music a shade more than songs. I love the nuances of the song and the way the instruments are used to full effect. I am very partial to flute and violin, and am tuned to these two especially, with keyboard a close third.

The voice and tone:

The artist’s contribution to a song is so important. With the right voice, the song can become even more alluring. The singer(s) of the song contribute a huge part to its success and immediate reach. And like everyone else, I am partial to a few singers too. I listen to all the songs of a few particular singers at least once before I decide if they go into the loop mode or on some particular playlist.

Another important thing is the pronunciation. I have had many songs I deeply wish had turned out otherwise, handed over to singers who did not ruin the words. Some rare beauties have totally turned me off because the singer got the words all wrong, and pronounced it badly. If the song belongs to my mother tongue, a language I love very much for its beauty, I get really put off if the words are delivered all wrong, and I rue the death of a good tune.

The lyric:

Understanding the lyric is a constrained process because my music taste is so diverse that I listen to songs from languages I don’t understand. But this does not hamper me much in cases where I do understand them. The perfect song for me is that song which connects with the soul, be it in the way it is presented or what it comes to say. If the lyrics are meaningful in addition to music and voice, the song automatically becomes a favorite for the permanent playlist!

Songs are my healing elixirs, and with the memories I associate with each of them, most of them are uniquely special in their own ways. With the right person, dissecting the songs become a very pleasurable thing to do. It is hard to find someone as crazy as I am in loving the songs so much that they don’t tire of dissecting every aspect of it. But I am lucky enough to be blessed with friends who can do that, friends who understand what I mean when I just send one part of the lyrics without any preamble or caption! And with them, my music experience is enriched manifold.

*Lucky Hagrid*


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