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Chocolate Brownies and Life!

Some of the best things in life are the ones that give you immense happiness. They may be huge success stories or just simple things that make you give your first smile of the day. But whatever they are, accepting them and reacting happily for them is an essential thing to keep life interesting.

Gravitating towards happiness or sadness is a personal choice and both are different in their own way. Life can be about plane rides and CEO goals as much as it can be about water balloons and chocolate brownies. Each person defines their own happiness levels and the choices they make affect their overall psyche.

The definition of joy is very ambiguous, and never the same for two different people. What happens to be one person’s trash might be someone else’s treasure. But though there are no ground rules for what the exact meaning of happiness should be, life is usually about enjoying the little things.

The pleasant feeling of watching a sunrise on a seashore, the beauty of feeling a flower on a dewy morning, the calming presence of waves rushing to the beach, the simple joy in watching a tetris block fall into place, are all different forms of happiness, much like other large life changing events.

There is only one requisite to find happiness: search actively for it

There is only one method to maintain happiness: keep the expectations simple

There is only one reason to stay happy: it genuinely makes you a better person

Happiness is like that beacon of the lighthouse that guides ships safely towards the sea, But the really happy people are those who want less from life and instead focus on making their own light. The people who have realised that losing life in the pursuit of happiness only ends in regret – are those people who can safely say they have mastered the art of being happy.

Being happy is not even a difficult thing to do. Basing happiness on the transitory things that have lesser probability of coming true or succeeding means that the disappointment rate is higher. Escaping the perpetual hope despair cycle is also an essential part of happiness.

While it is sensible to set huge goals and try to achieve them, it also makes sense to reward oneself for every little achievement towards the ultimate final goal. Life becomes fulfilling when the magnitude of happiness is high. But one cannot reach the summit before crossing every step on the way there.

Life is in the huge career and growth goals, but it is also in chocolate brownies and he laughter of a toddler. Pursuing happiness can be done as a specifically goal oriented exercise, or a process where the bars of happiness are set at slightly higher levels as each mini goal is reached.



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