Blogging 2017


Of late, I have been making a funny but really annoying mistake. I am sure I ought to blame it on someone or something else, but I really cannot deny that the fault lies with me eight out of ten times. It is not that annoying to be honest, and the gradient of the mistake is not in a way that will seriously affect my productivity. (In fact, it will do the contrary. But still) I am unable to pin point why I’m doing it.

The steps for the mistake are so simple.

Step 1: Hunt for the mobile charger!

This in itself is a difficult step. As I go all ninja style till the juice is down to the last dregs to finally get to the charger. With the constant 4G and Whatsapping, this is no easy joke. I search all over the place and turn things upside down despite knowing that ultimately the charger will be plugged on to that particular socket every single time. Perhaps I’m a teensy bit partial to the thrill of the search.

Step 2: Plug it into the mobile.

If the charger is not in its designated place, as an off chance, finding it in and plugging it in while using the mobile in one hand is something I mess up completely. But still, I do it often. The next step is to plug the wire into the mobile, while trying to answer that query I had just gotten from a bestie from across the world. With the 5.5inch Phablet, not one of the sensible things to do.

Step 3: Forget to switch it on

This step works best if I don’t have to use the mobile for some time after plugging it in. I plug it on with the precision of a ninja. (No, I fumble. But yes, irrelevant) and forget to switch it on. I have been doing it more often in this past week that I am running around with power banks stuffed inside my purse in case of emergencies. In the distance, I hear the mobile crying for some substantial form of nutrition.

It would really not be this bad if only I keep the charger socket switch on, I tell me. But I have stopped doing it since the last time I experimented with a metal wire, a glass of salt water and a plugged in (switched on) mobile charger. But that’s a tale for another day!

*Forgetful Hagrid bows out*


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