Blogging 2017

Ordo ab Chao

Out of chaos, order.

I was thinking of the right phrase to define how the day had been and I chanced upon this picture quote from the internet. (From my Facebook News Feed of course). This fit today wonderfully. Some days are the excess of chaos, where nothing makes sense and the whole day is a series of split second decisions, taken one after another in quick succession without pausing or evaluating.

While this may look good at the outset, a perpetual sense of unease lingers, often in hindsight, while wondering about how an alternative decision could have changed the course of the whole day, or sometimes, many more days to come. Today was such a day. It started off innocuously enough. But with a phone call (inviting me to lunch) out of the blue, the day changed into one of revelations.

Much more than talking about the actual sequence of events in a day, I can summarize it in one word. Chaotic. First of all, I overslept, meaning I had to rush through chores with indecent haste. Second, I had totally forgotten a deadline I had to meet, and while I responded to mails with one hand and brushed my hair with the other, I realized I could have done both faster if I had done the jobs separately. Note to self: Don’t try such extreme stunts hereafter.

The lunch itself was, delicately put, a disaster. I’d not only arrived late but had also managed to spend a few minutes waiting at the wrong location. By the time I’d arrived at the right place, I had overshot the planned (and agreed on) time by almost half an hour. Moods were sour, words were irate, and all things were suddenly a hundred fold more irritating.

But amidst all this, something happened at the later part of the day that made me grin like a maniac. A phone call from across the seas brought the ship to anchor. It was not about the news as much as about the voice. Out of all the chaos of the day, the order that phone call brought can never be underestimated. It is amazing how a few words chosen wisely can alleviate even the darkest of confusions.

The phone call brought forward a moment of clarity, answering unanswered questions, and soothing the worry lines I had not known were forming. It gave an ordered direction to the chaotic flow of thoughts that had plagued me since morning and put the little things into perspective.

Two different phone calls defined my day, and both were important in their own way.

There are some people who bring the chaos into our lives. But they are also equally important for us to appreciate the order that our life has.


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