Blogging 2017

The No Post day

I seriously tried to open a blank document and fill it with words for the post of the day. But despite writing on many topics (7, excluding this) I was not able to complete the posts and ended up deleting the drafts. So this was almost a ‘no post’ day.

But there was something I still wanted to talk about – distractions. It is fairly easy to get distracted from something if the focus is missing. And for the first time since the beginning of this year, I have been unable to type the keys and write the post for the day.

The distractions came in all shapes and sizes, and while most of them required a deviation of only minutes, they came in such a formed sequence that I was unable to complete one post that I started 7 hours back. The blank draft has been staring at me, mocking my inability to form coherent words that would be something meaningful.

This post is online for two reasons

I want there to be a digital record of the one day I faced a situation where I was completely at a loss of words

I don’t want to break a continuous streak just for one day’s temporary hesitation.

Here’s hoping my writer’s block does not continue!

*Pensive Hagrid*


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