Blogging 2017

Hagrid and the Headphones

Perhaps one of the saddest stories I have ever come across is my relationship with headphones. I destroy them with an alarming regularity. Or lose them. Or lend them and never see them again. Or watch with burning eyes as they slowly disintegrate due to over use.

But whatever be the case, I have never owned a pair of headphones that have lasted more than six months for me. As an aside, my dad owns a Panasonic set (my first ever gift to him) and he guards it possessively from me. He has it safe for about three years now. I’d like to think it is because it is my gift. But it is probably because he knows I’d ruin it too, given a chance. He’s got himself settled with that, and I am given only glimpses of it when he proudly wears it during long journeys.

That sad story aside, today I successfully broke what I think is my seventh independent headphone (the ones I purchased – that did not come attached with phones). Pity, seeing as this was a favorite. I had only gotten used to it when it got caught in the banister of a staircase and neatly broke in halves. I now have a long cord with one earbud at the end and another earbud dangling alone.

This was way clumsier than the last one that breathed its last because I’d rolled the wheel of a rolling chair over it. Seriously speaking though, for someone who loves music, I always think I should invest in a good pair and keep them safe from all harm. I take a similar vow with every new set I buy and break that vow faster than I disintegrate my to-do list.

There are many reasons why this was a great set, the one that just broke! For one thing, it withstood the most common of attacks and sometimes even the rare slips. I had only just begun liking it for the mild bass when this accident happened. While I see no point in rolling the headphones up when I am going to just use them within minutes, I have made a promise to myself to take proper care of the next pair I get.

And until the next pair is bought, I shall have to make do with the set that came with the mobile. This post is the digital ode to one of my favorite headphones. The never ending saga of the Hagrid and the Headphones is a sad story that should, hopefully, turn into a happy story.

At this juncture I welcome suggestions for the best brand of headphones.

*thoughtful Hagrid out*


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