Blogging 2017

Always on Repeat (Part 1 – My Current Playlist)

Weekend special post.

Music defines a huge part of my life. When a friend gave me the idea for the blog post of the day to write on the top ten songs that are always on repeat, I branched out the idea. The series of blog posts will include a variety of songs from my very limited playlist.

As the first post, this is dedicated to my current playlist. The top 10 songs that have currently caught my fancy and are on my mobile playlist. It includes a mixture of songs and instrumentals, and is decided based on the MRU list of my music player. Without much ado, here are the top ten songs of my current playlist.

(The song titles are the links to their internet sources. Click on them if you want to hear!)

Maruvaarthai Pesaadhey

The recently released single from the Tamil movie Enai Noki Paayum Thotta has captured my attention so much that I listened to it on repeat continuously, never changing for about three full days. The song was first released as a one-minute long teaser, which I loved. It increased my expectation to a feverish pitch. I am very glad that the full song did not disappoint me. I absolutely loved it. Everything from the lyrics to the voice are absolutely wonderful, and this is one for the permanent playlists.

I thank my good friend Janani Srikanth for sending me the song first!

Global Gear – Veena in Vienna

This fusion instrumental piece from the very talented Punya Srinivas is the one I am listening to it as I type this post. Amazing composition, and sets the perfect mood. I think this will get the place of honor as one of the pieces of my permanent songs playlist. Fusion and instrumental lovers will love this song.

I thank my good friend Bharathy Jayaraman for this recommendation and the link!

Sakhiye Nin (Casanova)

One of those songs I regret not knowing about earlier. I know this is a bit late to be on the ‘current’ list. But since this was a recent ‘discovery’ and I really love this, the song is now in my currently playing list. Thought I don’t really understand the lyrics, I love the music arrangement and the voices. Vijay Yesudas at his best.

Thanks again, Bharathy for this beautiful recommendation.

Chinnanjiru Kiliye by Swetha Mohan

Be it Navneeth Sundar’s keyboard, or Swetha Mohan’s mellifluous voice, everything about composition is so awesome. Since this is one of my favorite songs penned by Bharathiyar, the Tamil poet, I have many favorite versions of this song but this is the second most favorite.

Kanmaniye (Vijay Kannan/ Uma Ram)

This song is a different kind of lullaby. Instead of a mom’s lullaby to her child, it is a child’s lullaby to her mother, highlighting the sacrifices made by a mother. I love the flute bit and the haunting voice of the singer, Uma Ram. This was a random YouTube suggestion and I am forever thankful to the algorithm that throws up songs based on my preferences.

Malargale (AR Rahman cover by Sabareesh Prabhakar)

I love the original song very much, and it is even part of one of my all time favorite playlists. Therefore I was very apprehensive to note that this was an instrumental at first. I love instrumentals individually but when they are of a particular song, I wonder if the emotions could be brought that well. This piece quelled all such doubts. I am so happy I was introduced to this magical instrumental.

I thank the very dear Ananth Krishnamachari for this suggestion.

Naan Yengu Poven (Saindhavi Prakash / KR Shrievats)

A sound cloud find. I was instantly attracted to the lyrics. Though I was not very partial to the music or the high notes, I loved the softer tones, especially the Tamil wordplay in between. This song worked because of the recommendation and the voice of Saindhavi.

Thanks again, Ananth. This song shall remain special for many reasons.

Temple Romance Theme (Vijay Kannan)

I stumbled upon this link because I loved the channel of the incredibly talented flautist Vijay Kannan. This is the piece I listen to continuously when I need to relax. The notes are perfect and this is one piece I feel is too short. But maybe I love it more because I am particularly partial to flutes and violins in the instruments.

Brovabharama – Release the burdens by Karthik Iyer

I fell in love with the song in the opening notes. The original is a favorite Carnatic krithi and this was a recommendation from a very dear friend who sent it to me with one caption. ‘Want to hear your views on this’. With the cryptic note, I began listening. And Karthik Iyer surprised me for the better.

Many thanks to my good friend Aparna for this.

Kannamma – Rekka

A movie song I had not heard until recently, though the movie released some time ago. The strong voice and the lyrics impressed me. I did not know who the singer was until after I realized it was a very favorite voice. She has also sung other beautiful songs that will hopefully be a part of future posts.

I thank Pavithra Vasudevan for reminding me of this song recently so it became a part of the most frequently heard songs in my music player’s list.

The list has been curated as is from the top ten songs of my mobile playlist. The list is populated by the ‘popular’ songs based on how many times I listen to the individual pieces on repeat. The list has not been edited, so my love for fusion songs is quite obvious. This list is a weekend special.


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