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Ste(e/p)ped in tradition

There is nothing funnier than a girl brought up in a modern surrounding trying to follow tradition in the presence of an orthodox elder. All the ideal grandparent / grandchild connections apart, there is a very good chance that tempers will run high in those days where there are traditional festivals and ceremonies that require the grandchildren to adhere to the strict rules laid down by the ancestors.

This disparity is very evident in my house. I have a wonderful grandmother who is so uber cool and modern on all days except on those days she should actually be. The moment a traditional ceremony / festival day arrives, she turns into a formidable tornado who insists that order and discipline should be maintained in the household.

Today was one such day. Kaaradayan nombu is the festival (or fasting) that women of the household maintain for the longevity of their husbands (in the case of married women) or to get an ideal husband (in the case of unmarried women). In essence, not a festival I am really a big fan of. It requires me to fast, (okay, that was due to granny’s insistence) and that is not something I am comfortable with.

I managed to drive my dearest grandmother up the wall by flouting every rule she had laid down. There was an incredible thrill in trying to measure the threshold limit of her temper, something I had not done in recent times. Tempers ran high, heated words were exchanged, but the festival was completed in good humor. There was serenity on her face as the events went off without a glitch.

There are two ways to switch off a grandmother’s ranting and scolding, as I recently discovered. One is to declare (or at least fake) hunger. I have tried and tested this method. It works, invariably. The second is to try and acquire their blessings. This works like a charm. Like magic. I have tried this before and it has worked for me. But today I confirmed the same.

The rapid fire way to thaw a grandmother is to ask for her blessings – she goes all dewy eyed and thinks of the choicest wishes and blessings to shower upon the grandchild. Especially for someone as cool as my grandmother, the wishes were not just about settling down, but also succeeding in all the ventures I had undertaken.

The best part of the evening was the reconciliatory hug that somehow set right every skirmish of the day. This is the point in the post where I go all dewy eyed and write sappy things. But my grandma says no… so I shall refrain. *Groans at self for the bad joke*

*Happy Hagrid*


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