Blogging 2017

Not everything is a challenge

This sentence almost defines many aspects of my life. Of the many people I have come across, a lot of them took life as a challenge. The laidback attitude is often related to lack of ambition, not a worthy life quality. In a place where everyone has an expert opinion on how someone else’s life should be lived, it is hard to maintain a stubborn and firm opinion of one’s own sense of right and wrong.

The competitive attitude works well for life goals, and is even healthy in some cases, if the time is spent in moving towards one’s own success instead of losing sleep over how far the other people have come even if they are running behind in the overall race. Things began going a bit too far when the competitive attitude came into play in even the minor aspects of life.

There have been some thoroughly unique specimens I have met in life who have declared non existent competitions open with a vehemence, swearing to win, with a vengeance. It looks even funnier when you look at it like you are walking on the road on an idle evening only to notice someone cycling past you with vigour, turning back, panting and giving you a ‘you are a loser’ sign. If only you even knew such a competition existed!

Most of the modern day life competitions are so silly that make sense only to the person who thinks they are playing in an arena for a great prize. The motivation for each of their life goals has become others’ failures instead of their own little victories. Most often, such people amuse me, mainly because of their ability to turn everything into a competition, every little insignificant thing into a bet.

I have always been the woman who walked on the road while many others cycled past me and patted their backs for winning some non-existent competition they had created. I feel incredibly special to have been a part of their success in my own little way. Even if I had no idea they had formed a competition they had decreed to win.

I guess it is a special feeling to taste victory, but I still fail to see the logic where coming second in a two person race is considered victory. Even worse is reaching the finish in a one man race. Life goals are different for every person, and no two lives are same. There are entertaining people who do seem to think differently and make every little thing in life a competition.

Be it in having that extra mug of coffee or bragging about past successes or going out of their way to prove a point, the ‘opponent’s’ exasperated silence is often misconstrued as an acceptance of defeat. I often wonder if their life loses all color and sheen if they don’t have at least fifteen competitions on their way to work every morning. Do they considered a day wasted if they don’t have the smug smile plastered on their faces at the end of the day for a score of 72/85?

Questions after questions with no answers. Not everything in life is a challenge, but the Indian Hagrid takes this moment to wish those people who see life as a competition the very best of luck! May happiness reach you in your small victories even if there are no competitors.

*sarcastic, condescending tone intended*



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