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Always on Repeat (Part 3 – Rahman Romantic Melodies)

So repeating the weekend special, this Saturday is for the Rahman Romantic Special. I have handpicked ten of my favorite Rahman Melodies that are either romantic as a solo or as a duet.

Snehithane – Alaipayuthey

Evergreen song. I will never tire of it no matter how many times I listen to it. This song captured my imagination in its melodious and haunting tune and in some way the only song I turn to when I need to soothe myself with a romantic melody. Sadhana Sargam’s voice is an additional plus despite some words being bitten off.

Anbay idhu nijam thaana – Rhythm

The song of the sky. Be it in the beautiful lyrics or the choreography, this song has been an amazing companion on many misty morning bus journeys. I had a fellow music lover to appreciate the song the first time I heard it, which was years from the album release date. But that was a moment I will never forget and the song still brings out beautiful memories.

Pudhu Vellai Mazhai – Roja

The main reason why this has taken the third place in the list despite being the first musically is that the other two songs have a personal significance for me. This song has been hailed many times over as one of Rahman’s best ever and I happily second that thought. I have nothing more to add, except say that this song is love in itself.

Manapennin Sathiyam (Manamaganin Sathiyam) – Kochadaiyan

Again, two songs with incredible personal significance. Though very recent, parts of this song have become my ringtone (which means I love the songs more than others) and I never split them to listen. I have a repeat playlist that consists of only these two songs and when they released I heard them together for days on end.

Mannippaya – Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya

This song was a cult hit when it released and this album is also one of Rahman’s best. VTV defined my college days and all the songs were a craze for years after the release. I cannot pick and choose one from this because I love many songs from this. But if asked to select only one, I will choose this song compared to the much more popular hit numbers Hosanna and Aaromale.

Idhayam Idam Mariyadhe – Jodha Akbar

I do know this is a translation and I do love the original In lamhon ke daaman mein (hoping I am spelling this right). The tamil version though has an in depth meaning because I understand. Another song for the lyric, this one. And since it belongs to one of my all time favorite movies, this song shall remain special.

Malargale, malargale – Love Birds

There is not one thing I will change about this song. Be it the lyrics or the music or the rendition, I love everything about this. This song is one for my permanent playlist and I never do skip it when it comes up on shuffle. A song I love so much that I can listen to it for days on end and never get bored. Part of this is my ringtone.

Vennilave, vennilave / En azhagenna – Minsara Kanavu

The pair of songs that I never listen to separately. I love the lyrics and the simplicity of the music. This is one movie I will watch many times over without tiring of it. The songs captured the imagination of many of my older cousins and since I listened to it with them at the time of release, it grew up on me and I still love it.

Poonkatrile – Uyire

Yes, Ai Ajnabi. But still, something about the way he sings “Vaanam engum un bimbam aanal kaiyil seravillai” makes me melt. Another favorite from the genius that I can never get enough of. Nor am I going to try, ever. This song is a real favorite and I am yet to see the movie. I am thinking I should.

Kurukku Siruthavale / Ulundhu vidhaikkaiyile – Mudhalvan

Another pair of songs that I never see as separate entities. I love them as wholes mainly because they belong to the same tune and because they are two different versions and lyrics of the same emotions. Love the rendition and the folksy tune of the songs.

Hagrid’s note: My Rahman playlist is exhaustive and there is a separate Hindi playlist too, thanks to some amazing friends. I have two other playlists’ worth of Tamil songs that are romantic numbers. This list is shortened to just ten songs because I have to maintain uniformity.

Even with that limit, I still have gone on to give more than ten songs in the list. There will be another Rahman list soon. The Ilaiyaraja list will exceed five posts, at this rate!

I know I have missed many of his recent movies like OK Kanmani, from which I have two favorites. This list is made of the songs that come in the top ten and have been chosen from the MRU of the Rahman’s Romantic duets playlist because this week has been one of nostalgia and personal memories.

To my readers: Kindly suggest more songs from the genius. Personal favorites and associated memories very welcome. Thanks in advance.



4 thoughts on “Always on Repeat (Part 3 – Rahman Romantic Melodies)”

  1. A post I relate to and I’m surprised I haven’t listened to a couple of the songs mentioned here ..and you got it right – like the hindi versions better in the ones mentioned..nostalgic..good post

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve heard five in the list, and in order of favorites, from first to fifth, I’d rate as Pudhu Vellai Mazhai, Malargalae, Vennilave, Snehithane and Kurukku Siruthavalae.

    Though I do love Hosanna a lot too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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