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Always on Repeat (Part – 4 Kappa TV Special)

This post is dedicated to the gems I found from Kappa TV’s official channel on YouTube. I curated this playlist from the channel based on the songs I loved. This list is not exhaustive, nor does it cover all seasons of the Music Mojo show. These are just handpicked favorites that I heard in one of those music ennui periods. And I am glad I did. So here goes.

Enakkenave Piranthavale – Navneeth Sundar Ensemble

This one is a song close to my heart because of the way I first heard it and the person who suggested it to me. And from there I got so addicted to it that it was a week before I could even hear other songs. There is only one thing I would change about this song – it is too short for such wonderful content. I love everything about it. The lyrics. The meaning. The voice and the music. I especially love the violin bit by the genius Embar Kannan in between. The song brings happy tears to my eyes for many reasons. A very, very close personal song I will cherish forever.

Padayatra – Job Kurian Collective

This one is for the voices. And the excellent veena interlude. I loved it the first time I heard it. The story behind the song is equally beautiful and even though I didn’t understand the lyrics much, I could feel the emotion in my bones. And that I think is the success of music. It unites without the need for words. And then there are the voices of Harish and Job. I don’t even need to tell about them do I? The song is special for being the one I heard every morning consecutively for a week.

Achudananda – Sopanam Ensemble

Technically, this should be the first song I should list here because it belongs to my favorite band but the other two had personal significance and were pushed ahead. The song combines traditional Malayalam temple sopanam music with modern instruments. Sung by the father son duo of Sadanam Rajagopal and Sreekumar Vakkiyil, this song is special because it is the first I heard from the band I later got addicted to. Only after hearing this did I search for the singer’s other songs and that has been an interesting journey.

Alaipayuthey – Haricharan w Bennett and the band

The song came as something of a surprise. The flute bits were awesome and I had always known Haricharan as a playback singer. This song introduced a whole new side of him from where I progressed to listen to his other classical renditions. The best thing about the song is the Easter egg surprise that the last stanza is. Not revealing it here because it deserves to be held as a surprise until one hears it, but this goes to say how the basics of different songs might be the same Raga.

Jewels (Medley) – Kadal

This song is based on popular Malayalam hits. Something I had no idea about. I was ensnared by the voices and the beautiful rendition. I loved the bits in between where the singers sang the swaras in between. I had no idea about the original songs so this was entirely, refreshingly new for me.

Aye dil-e-aashiqui (Ghazal) – Sanskruti

I love ghazals and have a special corner in my heart for them. So the name immediately attracted me when I saw it on the suggested YouTube list. I listened to it immediately and loved it right then. Abhay Jodhpurkar at his best in this one. This song was a change from the regular playlists I heard day in and day out and was very welcome.

Kaanthaa – Masala Coffee

One of the folksy comedy numbers. I love the song for the energy and the happiness. The voices and the composition make it a song full of positive energy. This song was the one I turned to when I wanted to listen to songs that pepped me up. I loved this companion for long train journeys and it was consistently on repeat when I was bored or dull. It cheered me up immediately.

Maula mere le – Stephen Devassy f. Nivas

The song begins on a high note. I have heard that this is a movie song from a popular movie. But I had not heard the original before so this song remains special that way. I love it for the voice and the way the singer sings soulfully. Nivas’s voice gets into my soul when I hear this and this is the song I hear during the times when I want to do some soul searching. The song has an amazing capability to transport me back to certain memories and times.

Sree Ragamo – Prayaan

Until recently I had no idea this was a popular Malayalam movie song. A friend sent me the original song and I was immediately attracted to it. But even then I remembered this medley because it was the first rendition that I heard. Loved the soothing tune and the happy memories associated.

Kuzhanthai Thoonga – Navneeth Sundar Ensemble

The lyrics, the voice, the soothing lullaby that it is… I love a lot of things about this song. The violin in between is heavenly. I also appreciate the calm quality of the song in the lonely nights when I need something to lull me into sleep. Overall a fitting finish to this motley list.

As usual, suggestion welcome. 🙂



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