Blogging 2017

The Phantom Road

Hand in hand

Amidst the wildflowers

The miles we’ve walked

Without a care


Sometimes I wonder

If you knew, even then

That the roads will end

At a broken fork?


Looking back at the

Way we’ve crossed

I see the blessed

Phantom road


Of nervous giggles

And snide jokes

Of a million memories

That come alive


In some place down the road

Must have been the point

Where you’d finally decided

That it should fork


The future mocks

The past ridicules

Was I too blinded or

Were you really guarded?


The fork in the road

Has come at me

Like a blind turn of

A hairpin bend


A phantom pain

In a phantom limb

A phantom beat

Of a broken heart


Should I walk alone

Knowing I should

Or should I wait?

Uncertain if you will?


Did you know it before

The presence of a fork?

Did you create it alone

While I refused to see?


Whatever you do

Wherever I go

The memories linger

Bittersweet and sour


I stand at the fork

Wanting to return

As the road crumbles

Dispelling the thought


The memories crash

All at once – as I

Finally breakdown

For one last time


It was a game

Had always been

With one person playing

But the other living


Across the sky

A billion stars

Somewhere along

I see ‘us’


The fork has come

And I finally know

The path I should take is

The one you won’t!


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