Blogging 2017

Deciding a Theme

I learned the English alphabets like every normal child in the early days of my schooling. I quickly memorized them like everyone else did. I sang them in my head until I reached the alphabet I wanted. Yes. Elemenopiquaaryestea made more sense than L M N O P Q R S T.

It was all fine because I remember the little picture book that showed pictures depicting A for Apple, B for Ball, C for Cat and so on up to Z for Zebra. But today, I dearly wish I had saved that picture book where I had inscribed other matching words for each letter. Because, as a five year old, I had more ideas for the words fitting each letter than I do now when I actually want them. Well, maybe not conforming to a theme helped back then.

The last five or six days have been hectic and I have spent them searching for words that match each letter of the alphabet and are based on a common theme. For the second consecutive year, I have decided to participate in the A to Z blogging challenge this April 2017. It is easier said than done, and while I have lot of options for the common letters including the vowels and other frequently used letters like S and T and R and so on, the language stumps me with lack of options for the lesser used letters including X, Z and curiously, Q.

The theme planning has taken up a whole excel sheet that has been naturally divided into columns for common themes where each row has the corresponding word for a particular letter. The sheet looks happy and full for the first fifteen letters and then things begin to slow down until they reach the above-mentioned letters where I barely scrape through.

The beauty of the A to Z challenge being that I can arguably write anything about anything but still have no concrete idea about what exactly will go down in the blog. If the themes are anything to go by, the suggestions for the words are strange, exciting and fill me with a strange thrill.

As I am still in search of a good topic, every day exciting options present themselves. I have so far tried 17 themes, discarded 12 of them. Narrowed it down to five of which three are regular, mundane. Of the remaining two, one is well near impossible to pull off, requiring me to write poetry for the 26 days, and the other is, well, the one I think I am going to actually take, and belongs to my favorite world of books.

Now… Blogging is easy. Says who?

*Hagrid confused*


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