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Little it is…

Happiness is a vague concept. The definition of what constitutes as happiness varies not only with person to person but also with the same person in different scenarios. There is never a finite meter for happiness, but the world revolves in dissatisfaction because everyone uses someone else’s meter for happiness to define their own.

To some people, happiness might be in the little everyday things, and as I have realized since the last 80 days, every new day brings a cause for happiness, in whatever form. The happiness posts since the year began have taught me a lot of things, but the first and foremost of them was the time I spent in deciding which was the happiest moment of the day.

But the more I searched, the more I realized that there were a lot of options in one day, and I was able to pick and choose from them based on what I thought was the crowning moment of glory that particular day. When I got into the habit of sorting through the day for material for ‘the happiness post’ as my friends called it, I also found another interesting thing.

After about twenty five days into the routine, I was actively searching for happiness, smiling to myself when something nice happened because I knew it would be my ‘happiness post’. Everywhere I turned, despite the sad and upset moments, I saw little things that made me happy. Over time, I got into the habit of waiting until the day ended to post the update unless something outside the normal boundary of ‘happy’ actually happened.

There was the need to search for happiness, to actively seek it, and I was collecting and hoarding happy moments everywhere I could find them. Touchwood. The 80 days thus far have been an amazing search into myself, and my analysis threw up interesting things about myself that I had not known or realized. Based on what I found a cause for happiness, I realized a lot about what actually made me happy and where I was going wrong, searching in all the wrong places.

The best part of the last 4 score days were the moments that did NOT become happy day posts. There was one yesterday, one the day before, one the day before, and so on. These moments could not go on Facebook for public scrutiny, but were stored in a permanent locker in my mind to help me sail through the not-so-good times.

Eighty of the hundred happy days have passed and I have found things to be happy about in ALL of them, and it was not even such a difficult task. Once I got into the groove, it was a nice thing to do. And based on how many friends pinged me to ask for the happy post (and consequently the ‘post of the day’ in this blog, since I had taken the habit of posting together) every day, I could say that, in a way, I was also making some of the others in my friend list smile.

Happiness has a weird quality. When shared with the right people, it multiplies. I am not talking about the other alternative in this post. Spreading happiness is a very easy thing to do. But the success of that venture is largely dependent on the recipient. The recipient receives the full benefit only if they are ready to receive it. Tricking the mind into being happy becomes a habit and the brain automatically starts searching for reasons to be consistently happy. That is a beautiful cycle.

Not all of the eighty days have been completely happy. There have been a mixture of other emotions too. But through that all, the rays of happiness have shone, and boy, have they done it with consistency. Technically, this post should be written on the hundredth day, but I am writing this today for a little celebration beforehand. I don’t know where the rest of the twenty days might lead me, I am also unsure if I will continue, but this premature celebration is also a cause for ‘happyness’.

There were some little glitches on the way, with some ‘friends’ wondering what was there to be happy about such insignificant things. But thanks to them, I realized that a difference in perspective does not mean that things lose the meaning they have. Happiness is independent of a common standard or rule book and has different manifestations everywhere. The size of the reason or trigger no longer matters. It never did.

Little it is, so what?

*Happy Hagrid*


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